Philanthropy wants you to come on out and see how great and talented your fellow TSF'ers are! 

Come see some super special people perform, including:

- Nagid Brown 
- Tyler Chatham 
- Ishin Iwasaki and Adrian Jimenez 
- Phaedra Brady 
- Shahmeen Kasim
- Robbie Levin and Alana Kiss
- Rachel Newman, Nagid Brown, Kira Silverman and Dani Russel 
- Diego Salazar and Delmonte Bent 
- Zack Peterson
- Rachael Cain
- Ishin Iwasaki 
- Dani Russel, Nick Slater and Nagid Brown 
- Eternity Ferrell 
-Tommy Mulrine and Tyler Chatham

And our very own Tyler Chatham and Tommy Mulrine will be MCing!

Tickets are $3, all of which will all go toward Relay for Life. We will be serving coffee and desserts. Bring your friends! The auditorium is big enough for everyone.