The Sunday Group



The Sunday Group is our elite Long Form Improv team. The Sunday Team travels to various Improv festivals and competitions on behalf of Theatre Strike Force. The Sunday Group is self directed. 

Spring 2019 Members: Tessa Pirkola, Matthew Barkley, Matthew Morrow, Hunter Wolff, Rebecca Wedow and Emily Wirth.

The Delta Group


The Delta Group is a level below the Sunday Group, but is still comprised of very advanced improvisers. The members are often very seasoned improvisers that have been on multiple teams. 
Spring 2019 Members: Aaron Ivey, Alec Shears, Blake Geary, Courtney Walsh, Erika Mendoza, Natu Tweh, and Randy Rankin. Directed by Matthew Morrow.  

The Apprentice Group

The Apprentice Group is the "beginner" of the Improv House teams. Though it is the intro level house team, it still contains some of the best improvisers T.S.F. has to offer. Many see it as the "raw talent" team, full of improvisers that have good instinct already on stage and only need to hone their skills. 
Spring 2019 Members: Andrew Meyer, Camilo Grijalva, Chandler Lentovich, Emily Cranwell, Ian Meredith and Nicholas Schwab.  Directed by Aimee Sinclair. 

The Short Form Team


The Short Form Team is the only Short Form Improv house team. It features our best short form players, people who are quick on their feet, full of energy, and can work a crowd. The Short Form Team is also one of our biggest teams, often containing 15-20 members. 

T.S.F. Sketch

sketch team.jpg

T.S.F. Sketch is the clubs only Sketch house team. Sketch spends most of the semester writing sketches, with a big show at the end of the semester. Sketch writes and often preforms in their shows.