Want to do Improv or Sketch Comedy? Great! We'd love to have you! 
We at T.S.F. offer free weekly Improv and Sketch Comedy classes in the form of Academies! 
To be a member all you need to do is show up to one of our Academies! Both will begin the week of January 15th. Even if the academies have started, please know we'd still love to have you!  We're a bunch of comedians, we're not great with planning ahead either. 
Contact us if you have any questions on getting involved!

improv academy

Improv Academy happens every Monday at 7 p.m. and is set up as a level system pairing people with others of their level. Each level lasts a semester.  

  • Level 1: Introduction to Improv is for beginners and focuses on the basics of improv as a whole. No experience is necessary at this level and many of our members had never done any improv before they joined Level 1. Though the level focuses on teaching Short Form games, many of the lessons are transferable to Long Form improv. 

  • Level 2: Advanced Short Form is for intermediate students. You practice the same Short Form games learned in Level 1 while also learning new skills necessary to preforming. 

  • Level 3: Introduction to Long Form is also for intermediate students. This is many members first introduction to Long Form and covers the basics and the rules of playing in Long Form. This level also focuses on different the forms of Long Form and often incorporates exercises designed to make students better improvisers. 

  • Level 4: Advanced Long Form is for advanced students. This is an experimental level, often incorporating more exercises and more challlenging forms. Since this is the level with our most experienced improvisers it features less structured classes than our other levels and is often repeated by students. 

sketch academy

Sketch Academy happens every Tuesday at 7 p.m. and focuses more on allowing students to submit sketches and receive notes on them. Sketch Academy is not broken up by any levels but exercises and short lessons on sketch writing are often featured. The bulk of the academy, however, relies on read-through's of students sketches and giving notes. Notes are like critiques, with other students and the teachers discussing what worked in the sketch and what did not. The notes are focused on how to improve the sketch, so if you have never written a sketch before don't worry! Notes are meant to help you improve in your writing.  

We have Sketch and Improv house teams that preform around campus and Gainesville. If you want to audition for a house team we recommend you attend Academy before auditions so you can learn about Improv, Sketch, and how the club works! 

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