2018-2019 Executive Board:

President Alec Shears



Not to be confused with the Alec listed as one of our Social Media Chairs!

As President he keeps the club running smoothly, acts as the final authority on decisions, and is the face of the club. Along with the Creative Director, he gives direction to the entire operation. 

Treasurer Blake Geary


is a 4th year Agriculture, Education, and Communications major with a specialty in Communication and Leadership Development; he is also perusing a minor in Business Administration and Leadership. He has been in T.S.F. longer than any other current member, he likes dogs and his favorite improv game is the Harold!

As Treasurer he tracks the budget, drafts a new budget every year, and is the main liason for Student Government. He also acts as a much needed financial voice when it comes to booking professional Improv teams. 

Vice President Matthew Morrow


is a 2nd year Math and Physics major. He has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, once met Thomas Wilson from Back to the Future, and also has a near encyclopedic knowledge of general nerd culture.

As Vice President he is in charge of booking any shows for T.S.F. and keeping up contacts for future shows. If you contact us for a booking, you will most likely hear from him momentarily. 

Secretary Jenna Powitz


is a 2nd year Advertising major. She did theatre throughout high school and knew that doing improv in college would be a great way to continue performing (you could say this was destiny). She joined T.S.F. her freshman year and is ecstatic to be on the board. She works hard towards her goals and you can often find her napping in Marston.

As Secretary she keeps notes on all the boards doings and then translates those notes into a newsletter to send out to all our members. She acts as the information middle man for the board, the members of the club, and alumni. 

Historian Alyssa Presson


is a 4th year Psychology Major with an English Minor. She is also really boring and doesn't know what to put here so she hopes you haven't read this far.

 As Historian she is in charge of taking photos and videos of shows, filming sketches, the head of social media chairs, as well as any online video ventures. She also is the one updating this website. 


Every year voting eligible members of the club vote on the executive board positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Historian. Creative Director is then decide by the elected board. 

Eligible members refers to individuals that have attended two general body meetings per semester as well as performed twice each semester. For more information on nuances of the club please refer to the Constitution.


Emily WIrth


is a quirky and talented part of the Theatre Strike Force Family. She is a member of the Sunday Group, a teacher for the group and a part of an indie team. She is super funny and caring and ready to help anyway she can.

Our Creative Director is in charge of being an extra voice to the board by providing insight on our creative affairs. This includes choosing teachers, directors and fostering indie teams. The creative director is the sixth insight to the board and while not being an executive member is still given serious consideration.

2018-2019 Chairs:

Philanthropy Chair

Shawna Gray



is a talented dancer and an integral member of TSF. She has been on multiple house teams and is currently making her way through the levels that we offer.


Our Philanthropy Chair is in charge of the charitable activities of Theatre Strike Force! Each year our Philanthropy Chair selects a charity and works to raise money through donations for that charity, often through large donation events. Currently, T.S.F. is raising money for Hilarity for Charity, a group dedicated to raise money for making the quality of living with Alzheimer's better. Check out our Philanthropy Page on Facebook to learn more, see upcoming philanthropy events, and donate online! To directly view the wonderful organization click here!

Public Relations Chair

Nadia Schmaler


is a 3rd year Public Relations major. Her favorite improv game is Late Excuse because there is a 'comfortable' role for anyone! Her main interests include astrology, movies and art; though she does not create art she loves to look and buy it - she is museum date material. Finally, she once met Dick Cheney and hated it!

Our Public Relations (P.R.) Chairs is in charge of the very crucial duty of promoting T.S.F. Academy, Shows, and other events. T.S.F. House Teams are lucky to have a lot of shows throughout Gainesville and we are even luckier to have audiences for them thanks to our P.R. Chair. 

Social Chairs

Natu Tweh


is a 4th year Journalism major. His interests include playing DanceDanceRevolution and Pump It Up. There is the strongest chance for him to out dance you - catch him at a party and try to dance off and you'll be sorry! He will also be teaching level 2 this coming semester!


Dana Lipson


is a hilarious individual and a friend to all. Her ability to make a room roar with laughter is unmatched. She has been a member of TSF a short time but has made a permanent place here. She has been on multiple house teams, indie teams and is making her way through the levels that we offer.

Theatre Strike Force is a huge club with 100+ voting members, and even more participating members. Our Social Chairs work to create dozens of social events throughout the year to allow our members to become closer and get more involved in the club. T.S.F. is proud to have such a large and close knit club of not only current members but also alumni, which is possible due to the work of our Social Chairs. 

Social Media Chairs

Tessa Pirkola


is a 4th year Marketing Major. She is also a self proclaimed beach connoisseur and outdoors enthusiast. She loves to skateboard, surf, and shoot hoops on the b-ball court. She would like to say “It’s all about having fun - work hard, play hard!”


Alec Shears


is a 2nd year Computer Engineering major. Interesting things to know about him include the fact that he was once struck by lighting - one could say he is electrifying and if you did you are in the right place because we love quirky jokes like that! His favorite board game is Settlers of Catan and his favorite improv game is Say It Again!

Our Social Media chairs are the managers of all of T.S.F.'s social media accounts and work daily to engage and grow our online following. They make and promote content for the pages with the goal of not only getting the Theatre Strike Force name out there but to also keep our followers entertained by our pages. If you would like to check out all the good work they do, start by liking us on Facebook! 

Chairs are selected through an application/interview process and are decided by the Board. 

Everyone listed on this page is an integral part of the club, and T.S.F. could not run without them. Everyone on this page will also be replaced at the end of the 2018 Spring semester. If you are interested in joining this club and potentially taking over one of these positions, please like our Facebook page and come to our next meeting!