Most house teams are recast every semester, so each year will often feature two incarnations of the teams.

Sunday spring

Directed by Chase Jones. Members: Serah Bennett, Akbar Chaudry, Michael Christie, Micaela Fagan, Jordan Prince, and Michael Springthorpe.


Delta Spring


Self Directed. Members: Ashley Arlow, Emily Miller, Tessa Pirkola, Kenneth Rodriguez, Rebecca Wedow, Mark Burns, and Emily Wirth.


The Mezzo Group is a team created to fill the space in experience level between A.G. and Delta. It was first created in Fall 2017.


Apprentice Group Spring


Directed by Mark Burns. Members: Jacob Wall, Alyssa Presson, Hunter Wolff, Matthew Barkley, Delaney Giacometti, Sarah Katz, Joanna Deng, and Aimee Sinclair.


Short Form Spring

Director Michael Christie, Assistant Director Blake Geary and Aimee Sinclair.
Matthew Barkley, Carly Shooster, Emily Wirth, Tessa Pirkola, Mark Burns, Seth Wood, Michael Springthorpe, Michael Christie, Terrence Commons, Sophie Antovel, Ros Fiol, Shayna Leigh Silverman, Cecilia Lundberg.

Sketch spring

Directed by Bailey Benningfield, Assistant Director Nick Simmons. Members: Serah Bennett, Enswert Decördovå Binns, Michele Kuhn, Emily Wirth, Rachael Tonietto,Rebecca Wedow, Laura Palacio, Lissa Aderholdt and Riya Data.

sunday fall


Self Directed. Members: Serah Bennett, Mark Burns, Micaela Fagan, Jordan Prince, Rebecca Wedow, and Emily Wirth. This team was National Finalists in the 11th year of the College Improv Competition.

Delta Fall


Directed by Michael Christie. Members: Tessa Pirkola, Hunter Wolff, Matthew Barkley, Ashley Arlow, Jacob Wall, and Joanna Deng. 

Mezzo Group Fall

group photo 1.jpg

Directed by Mark Burns. Members: Laura Palacio, Sarah Katz, Melanie Fuenmayor, Erika Mendoza, Blake Geary, and Will Case. 


Apprentice Group     Fall

group photo 3.jpg

Directed by Aimee Sinclair. Members: Alec Shears, Matthew Morrow, Valentina Herrera, Shawna Gray, Angely Rincon.


Short Form Fall


Directed by Blake Geary, Assistant Director Shayna Silverman. Members: Ashley Lazarski, Mark Burns, Joanna Deng, Jacob Wall, Laura Palacio, Sarah Katz, Will Case, Ros Fiol, Cecilia Lundberg, Seth Food, Tessa Pirkola, and Aimee Sinclair. 


Sketch Fall

sketch team.jpg

Directed by Enswert Decördovå Binns, Assistant Director Carly Shooster . Members: Gabriel Vasquez-Peterson, Kavita Lowtan, Justin Alicastro, Natalie Canellas, Riya Data, Annie Downey, Joanna Deng, Cecilia Vasquez, Kenneth Rodriguez and Laura Palacio.