Most house teams are recast every semester, so each year will often feature two incarnations of the teams.

Sunday Group FAll

Sunday Group Spring

Self Directed. Members: Tyler Chatham, Dani Russell, Allison Salinger, Kira Silverman, Johnny Efstathiades and Delmonte Bent.


Delta Group Spring

Directed by Dani Russell. Members: Lauren Elizabeth-Killer, David Steele, Kenneth Haskins, Josey Oliva, Ethan Young, Jules McNeill, Nikolas Colley and Michael Springthorpe.


Apprentice Group spring

Directed by Tyler Chatham. Members: Sean Kutzner, Michael Christie, Terrence Commons, Abigail Friedman, Jordan J. Prince, Christopher Lee Fatt, Chase Jones and Eric Rose.


Short Form Spring

Directed by Allison Salinger, Assistant Director Tyler Chatham. Members: Johnny Stoltenborg, Ethan Young, Terrence Commons, Dani Russell, David Steele, Kenneth Haskins, Cheyenne Everhart, Kira Silverman, Michael Springthorpe, Eric Rose, Michael Christie, Jules McNeill and Delmonte Bent.


Sketch spring

Directed by Adriana Robles. Members: Becca Marcus, Micaela Fagan, Paul Mamangankis, Karina Kolb, Bailey Benningfield, and Nick Simmons. (Not Pictured).

Rough Sketch Spring

Directed by Karina Kolb. Members: Chris Perez, Enswert Decördovå Binns, Rose Buchbinder, Kierra Schau, Jeremiah Ordos, Emily Miller and Ashley Arlow.

Self Directed. Members: Michael Christie, Kenneth Haskins, Allison Salinger, Vanessa Gutierrez, Tommy Mulrine, Nikolas Colley, and Kira Silverman. 


Delta Group Fall

Directed by Kira Silverman. Members: Johnny Stoltenborg, Terrence Commons, Nick Simmons, Jordan Prince, Ethan Young, Christopher Lee Fatt, Michael Springthorpe, and Chase Jones.


Apprentice Group

Directed by Kenneth Haskins. Members: Micaela Fagan, Becca Marcus, Akbar Chaudry, Blake Geary, Shayna Silverman, Serah Bennett, Frank Prince, and David Dawson. Short form Team Fall


Short form fall

Directed by Allison Salinger, Assistant Director Michael Christie. Members: Delmonte Bent, Cheyenne Everhart, Julian McNeil, Terrence Commons, Kenneth Haskins, Kira Silverman, Michael Springthorpe, Mark Burns, Becca Marcus, Ishin Iwasaki, Johnny Stoltenborg, Ethan Young, Christopher Lee Fatt, Tommy Mulrine, and Eric Rose.


Sketch Fall

Directed by Bailey Benningfield, Assistant Directed by Nick Simmons. Members:  Riya Data, Michele Kuhn, Emily Wirth, Lissa Aderholdt, Cassie Geltner, Enswert Decördovå Binns, Micaela Fagan, and Laura Paklin.