Most house teams are recast every semester, so each year will often feature two incarnations of the teams.

Sunday Group Spring

Self directed. Members: Jacki Schwarz, Taylor Gonzalez, Sami Main, Brad Hersch, Daniel LeVine and Nick Slater.

Sunday GRoup fall

Self directed. Members: Perla Pimentel, Santos Contreras, Tyler Chatham, Angela Nertney, Dylan Rigsby and Johnny Efstathiades.

Delta Group spring

Directed by ____ Dylan? Members: Rachael Cain, Otto Akin, Tyler Chatham, Tommy Mulrine, Jacki Schwarz, Kelly Collar, Devin Lee and Rachel Newman.

Delta group fall

Director Dylan Rigsby. Members: Delmonte Bent, Katelyn Mears, Dani Russell, Devin Lee, Rachel Newman, Kira Silverman, Allison Salinger and Kelly Collar.

Apprentice group spring

Director Unkown. Members: Rowan Holzberg, Kira Silverman, Justin Lucas, Katelyn Mears, Sam Sidersky, Dani Russell, Samantha Schuyler and Zachary Scout.

Apprentice Group Fall

Director Dylan Rigsby. Members: David Steele, David Stupski, Jules McNeill, Tyler Burkett, Josey Oliva, Angela Nertney, Bailey Benningfield, Phaedra Brady and Kendall Prior.

Short form team spring

Director Unknown. Members:  Diego Salazar, Devin Lee, Ishin Iwasaki, Angela Nertney, Taylor Gonzalez, Jacki Schwarz, Ryan Phillips, Allison Salinger, Tyler Chatham, RJ Mills, Sami Main, Johnny Efstathiades, Kelly Collar, Samantha Schuyler, Santos Contreras, Jessica Sheldon, Adrian Jimenez, Adriana Robles and Tommy Mulrine.